This Portal is designed to customize PEER REVIEW of Radiologists as per guidelines set by different Radiology Boards in different countries.

Peer review is accepted as the most common method to assess the performance of a Radiologist.

This is an acceptable method worldwide and there are different parameters set by the Radiology Boards of respective countries.

Some countries have made peer review mandatory.

This portal aims to fill in the gap that currently exists in the PEER REVIEW process. Through this RADIOLOGY QA PORTAL you can have customizable and statistically evaluative solutions.

Through this RADIOLOGY QA PORTAL any radiologist can have a transparent evaluation of his/her performance. This in turn helps the Radiologist to evaluate his/her own performance and also for reviewing the quality of reports in terms of medical and clinical knowledge. This Portal aims to help any Radiologist in any country to enhance knowledge, reduce errors and improve quality of reports thus helping in the enhancement of patient care.

All our data is securely stored and different dashboards and statistical analysis can help in identifying the quality of a Radiologist thus facilitating the benchmarking of a Radiologist.

If you are interested in using this portal please contact.